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From the boldest Custom Home designs to the minutest Custom Kitcehns&Baths, VanSant Construction Co. ensures all work is exemplary. Make your rooms more functional with our CAD services.
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VanSant Construction Company is one of Maryland’s premier custom home builder in the Frederick/Carroll County area. Whether you are considering building a new home or making a change to your existing home, remodeling your kitchen with custom built cabinetry hand made by the VanSant brothers. Our helpful team will guide you through the design phase, help you better understand the financial requirements of your project, and make your home dreams come true. VanSant Constructions philosophy is based on a desire to design and build exceptional homes. To develop the level of respect we have in the industry you also have to excel at customer satisfaction, which VanSant Construction does. When people compare builders, people choose VanSant Construction. Building a custom home does not have to cost as much or be as difficult as you might think. Let us help you get started. Please call (240)446-2109 today to coordinate an initial consultation.   

Our Story

VanSant Construction Co. of Mount Airy, Maryland, is a residential contractor offering a wide range of designs and adapting to meet your wants. No matter what the job, we put forth 100% effort every day until completion, and our belief in teamwork and working towards the single goal of exceptional renovations sets us apart from other contractors.

Starting out as a home-based business, we have grown greatly over the past several decades due to our attention to detail and pride in every project. Many previous customers gave us high marks on fulfilling all needs, working on time and cleanly, providing courteous service, and delivering expected results.   

Contact us today to request a service and turn your home into the one you dream about and deserve. 

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